The Munchkins Advantage

Our educational program

At Munchkins we pride ourselves on our quality educators and individualised curriculum. Each educator and teacher within our organisation has been chosen based on their qualifications and desire to work with children.

We believe in investing heavily in our teaching team who are consistently striving to be leaders in their field of early education. Our rigorous recruitment process ensures you are only presented with the very best and committed individuals who want to support, guide, nurture and educate your children during their journey with us.

We incorporate aspects of the Emergent Curriculum style of teaching into our programming. Emergent Curriculum sees the children as capable learners who are encouraged to guide their own learning with the support of the educators. This style of teaching presents the children with the gift of discovering the world around us by encouraging them to explore life through their own interests and passions. It is mainly ‘child lead’ or ‘child based’ learning as opposed to the more traditional ‘teacher directed’ learning. All children in our care will be involved in learning that is engaging and builds success for life.

Where we learn through play

At Munchkins we use this framework in partnership with families, children’s first and most influential educator’s, to develop learning programs responsive to children’s ideas, interests, strengths and abilities and we recognise that children learn through their play. The National Early Learning Framework is a core curriculum document that encompasses the three key learning areas of ‘being, belonging and becoming’.

We embrace the National Early Learning Framework – a national early learning framework for children from birth to five years. The Early Years Framework provides an opportunity for the educators and teachers to utilise a solid framework of principles, practices and outcomes that guide our curriculum. The framework’s vision is for all children to experience play-based curriculum document that guides our programs and the experiences within it; some of which may include;

  • Physical skills and co-ordination

  • Multicultural appreciation

  • Language development and literacy

  • Music, movement and aesthetic appreciation

  • Problem solving and complex thinking

  • Communication and interpersonal relationships

  • Independence and self esteem

  • Spatial and visual perception

Children listening to their teacher

We strive to promote and support the value of diversity, respect for the environment, sustainability practices, and well-being which includes eating and staying healthy. We pride ourselves on the close relations that we have with our surrounding community and we recognise the importance that their roles plays with the children and our service as a whole

We invite you to speak with our educators should you require further information about the Early Years Learning Framework or the My Time, Our Place curriculum framework that we utilise with our Outside School Hours Care and Vacation Care program.

Our Kindergarten Program

Our service has the privilege of providing a Queensland Government Funded Kindergarten Program. Kindergarten programs give children a flying start to learning and life. Our Kindergarten programs lay strong foundations for children’s formal schooling.

The Kindergarten program provides play-based learning experiences that help the children develop a wide range of vital skills in the important developmental year before school. Our program is delivered by Early Childhood teachers with many years of educational experience and the Kindy tick is assurance that our program meets the strict Queensland Government quality requirements.